Man told he’ll make ‘a great dad’ after successfully holding baby for ten minutes without dropping it

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Gushing praise has been lavished upon a man in his early thirties after he held a baby in a relaxed and casual manner for around ten minutes before handing it back to its mother.

During the office visit, everyone was certain the man was ‘a natural’ and ‘completely in his element’ as he cradled the baby gently in his right arm, occasionally switching it to the left arm with ease.

Several women were seen to visibly swoon over the man as he confidently took out some nappies from under the buggy and handed them to his wife along with the baby.

“You could tell he was completely smitten,” said a coworker.

“The way he looked at his son was simply adorable. And he even offered to change the nappy; my Pete would never do that.”

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At one point it looked as though the baby was going to get upset until the man expertly held it aloft in both hands and kissed it on the nose – before smoothly placing it over his shoulder, returning it to its normal resting state.

After around an hour or so, the mother, who had been suffering from engorged breasts, sore nipples, and back pain asked politely if they could leave.

“She was a bit rude wasn’t she,” commented one of the man’s coworkers.

“And she looked a bit rough; she could have put a bit of make-up on.”

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