Church and Cadbury reach compromise with ‘Chocolate Resurreggtion’

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After the Church of England accused Cadbury of omitting references to Easter from its egg hunts, the confectionary company has agreed to name the event the Chocolate Resurreggtion.

The event, which will see children shout ‘I’ve found Jesus!’ every time they find a chocolate Christ, is held in partnership with the National Trust.

Egg hunt traditionalists have blasted the move and hit back at Church of England claims of “Eggstremism”.

“How can you have a resurreggtion without any eggs?” asked one furious egg hunter.

However, the move has been greeted enthusiastically by sweet-toothed Christ fanatics.

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“If you can put a cross on a bun, why not hide a chocolate Jesus in some woodland,” said cocoa-craving bible enthusiast Simon Williams.

“They’re using white chocolate though, yeah?”