‘War against Spain was implied’ insists Vote Leave campaign

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As many are concerned and surprised that within less than a week of Article 50 notification war with Spain is suddenly being discussed as a possibility, the Vote Leave campaign has sought to dismiss concerns.

“Look, I don’t really see what all the fuss is about,” a Vote Leave representative said earlier today.

“If you read between the lines of ‘Vote Leave, Take Control’, what is really being said is ‘We should enter a war with a neighbouring nation we have little to no chance of winning’.

“If you looked on the other side of the bus it was all written on there. The font was a bit small and we had to summarise some of the main points but you know, the message was there. Anglo-Spaniard war of 2019. This time it’s personal.

“We were a bit confused why no photographers took any pictures of the other side of the bus, but we assumed they knew what they were doing.”

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Grassroots Out, the campaign to leave the EU from Nigel Farage and George Galloway, were similarly enthusiastic.

GO member Kate Hoey explained, “Oh yes. Spain is only the first. I’ve always thought the Eiffel Tower would look good with the Union Flag on top – haven’t you?”

Jacob Rees-Mogg was seen skipping through Parliament as all this talk of war with Spain reminded him of his childhood in the 1700s.

When asked about the possible impending war at a press conference, Prime Minister Theresa May simply said, “Red, White and Blue Brexit” then stood smiling in silence until everyone left the room.

We reached out to Jeremy Corbyn for comment. A representative of the Leader of the Opposition texted “New phone, who dis” to all major media outlets.