Guy seeking immunity before talking about Russia fixing election worked for Obama, insists Trump

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After former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn said he would testify on Russian influence in the US election if given immunity from prosecution, the Trump administration said it was typical of a crooked former Obama staff member.

After spending the morning repeatedly saying “Mike Flynn who?” in response to reporters’ questions, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer returned to say he had looked into it and discovered who this “General Flynn” fella is.

“Anyone who says Mike Flynn was handpicked by President Trump and appointed National Security Advisor in January 2017 is just fake news,” he explained.

“Obviously anyone asking for immunity before testifying has something pretty bad to hide – I think we can all see he is guilty of helping the Russians in some way – which is why you should all be writing about Barack Obama giving him a senior role in government, probably with the endorsement of crooked Hilary.

“President Obama was either complicit in hiring a Russian plant, or massively incompetent in not recognising him as one – take your pick.”

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