Brexit latest: God confirms He is no longer willing to save Queen

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God has today revealed that he is no longer willing to save the Queen after the United Kingdom officially indicated its intention to leave the European Union.

Since Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in February 1952 God has been ensuring that the UK’s gracious and noble Queen would live a long, happy and glorious life.

However, in a statement released today, God reveals it is time for him to help others instead.

“Quite Frankly I’ve had enough of Great Britain,” said God.

“I used to quite like the plucky little buggers, but not anymore. What’s happening in Britain today is a fucking joke. My son didn’t die for this.”

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The news comes six months after God confirmed he was going to stop blessing America and is further blow to Brexiters and Royalists.

“This is in no way an indication of my feelings for the Queen,” God revealed.

“She’s a nice gal to be honest, I’ve got a lot of time for her. But enough is enough. It’s about time I started saving and blessing other places so I’ve decided to keep an eye on Germany and Canada for a little while.

“Good luck with it all ma’am,” he added.