Study reveals Mothers Day actually one hour shorter than male equivalent

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A new study reveals a worrying gap between the length of time women have to honour their parenthood, compared to men.

The Gender Day Gap, as it’s known, refers to the fact that this year’s Mothers Day lasts for only 23 hours, compared to 24 hours for Father’s Day.

Lead researcher Simone Williams, told us, “Frankly this is a disgrace. I cannot believe that in 2017 women will receive 4% less adulation than their male counterparts, and still be expected to take on the majority of the parenting responsibilities.”

The report highlights the fact that many women continue to be trapped in chronically underappreciated roles where they are expected to do more, but receive less credit.

Williams continued, “I saw a man the other day holding a baby and everyone was cooing over how good he was with it. He was just bloody holding it.

“Honestly, to be a good dad all you need to be able to do is not drop your own baby.”