Letting agents much worse than terrorists, confirm Londoners

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A study released today reveals that lettings agents cause more worry, fear and anxiety in the life of the average Londoner than terrorists.

According to the study, many Londoners would like to see the government do more to combat radical agents.

Lead researcher Simon Williams told us, “In the last ten years, letting agents have implemented a very successful recruitment drive, preying on young men and women from vulnerable families across London.

“These kids are promised the world. They get their own car, a nice suit, but then they are forced to go out onto the streets and exploit perfectly decent people.”

One woman, who lost her son to Foxtons in 2012, said, “One minute he was my little boy, the next he was charging people an £80 admin fee just for signing a bit of paper. I know deep down that’s not who he really is.

“They brainwashed him into thinking that’s how the world should work.”

Another man from Harlow in Essex, who was lucky to escape after being recruited in 2008, said, “In my first week I was forced to charge one couple In Hackney a £250 exit fee, each. £500 just for leaving their property.

“Some of the things I’ve seen are truly sickening; I consider myself so lucky to have escaped.”