Woman in hijab who walked past terror victim worse than Myra Hindley, insist arseholes

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A woman in a hijab who walked past a victim of the Westminster terror attack is worse than child murderer Myra Hindley, cunts everywhere have suggested today.

Pictures appear to show a Muslim woman reacting with neutral emotions to a traumatic event that had just that moment occurred in front of her.

However, on careful investigation, the snaps were found to have been carefully selected by shit-stirring arseholes on Twitter.

Twat, Simon Williams, said, “This woman, whoever she is, is worse than Myra Hindley, had she embraced Islam instead of Christianity towards the end of her averagely-long miserable existence.

“But even the evil Hindley would have momentarily halted her fantasies of child murder and stopped to see if this man was alright.”

Fellow cock, Brian Ballinger, agreed, “Simon is right. Both Hindley and her lunatic lover, Ian Brady, would have shown quiet resolve in the face of this terror onslaught – even more impressive when you consider one of them is being fed through a tube.

“Myra would have given mouth-to-mouth at the very least.”

Williams added, “I notice this ‘woman’ was distracted by a mobile phone.

“Who was she speaking to? ISIS?”