London terror alert raised to ‘severe’ after man tries to start conversation on the Tube

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London is quaking with fear today after a man tried to talk to the person sitting next to him on the Jubilee Line last night.

Police describe the incident as critical, as commuter Simon Williams attempted to strike up a conversation just outside Canary Wharf at 5:37 last night.

Fellow passengers raised the alarm after Williams was seen ‘acting suspiciously’ by turning to a complete stranger and asking a friendly question about their day.

“It was terrifying,” commuter William Simons told us.

“You hear of this sort of thing happening in the news but you never imagine you’ll be caught up in the middle of it.

“He just went off. There was no warning, no time to prepare. It all happened so fast.

“The emergency services were wonderful, though. They were on the scene within minutes of the alarm being raised and applied bandages to the guy’s mouth to stem to flow of unwanted chat.”

Fast response units praised the bravery and resilience of passengers, who stared at their phones and copies of the Metro and pretended to be deaf until it was all over.

The government has raised the terror threat to its highest level in years and warned of a persistent threat from friendly, interested fellow passengers wanting a chat.

As the clean-up operations continue, Londoners are warned of severe delays across the tube network all day today – meaning service has returned to normal.

When asked what he thought of the terror incident earlier this week, William Simons told us that as an Arsenal fan he had far bigger things to worry about.