Hipster hated Love Actually before it was cool

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Local hipster Simon Williams thought Love, Actually was a pile of crap years before anyone else, he confirmed this morning.

One of the biggest hits of the early 2000s, Love, Actually is the story of how a group of unrelated male stalkers pursue disinterested women and win their affections through relentless creepiness, and Emma Thompson.

Responding to a recent critical backlash against the film, Simon told friends how much he hated it when it first came out, unlike all the other saps who’d thought it was charming and funny at the time.

“Of course, it’s just awful,” he announced to fellow patrons over a measuring jug full of Moccachino Latte in a fashionable Shoreditch Coffeeporium.

“I realised at the time that the sexual politics were deeply suspect, including their depiction of workplace power relationships being sublimated to a heavily patriarchal subtext, but it took the rest of the world a while to catch up.”

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Simon went on to outline his thesis of intergender inequality being an unworthy topic for a major comedy, and said he was delighted that common mores had moved forward to match his own well-developed sense of social justice.

“No, I don’t currently have a partner – the word girlfriend carries such negative connotations, don’t you agree? Why do you ask?” he added.