Adrian Chiles criticised over failure to condemn attack carried out by fellow Adrian

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TV and radio presenter Adrian Chiles has been roundly criticised over his failure to condemn a terrorist attack that was carried out by another Adrian.

Anti-Adrian activist Simon Williams was among those to speak out against Mr Chiles.

“Chiles’ reluctance to march through London with a placard saying ‘not in my name’ is a disgrace,” he said.

“How can we believe that he doesn’t support the actions of Adrians who commit acts of terror if he doesn’t denounce them every time I ask him to?”

Other Adrians have reacted angrily at demands they should be tarred with the same brush just because they share an arbitrary element of their identity with the Westminster attacker.

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As one Adrian told us, “Adrians are, for the most part, peaceful, law-abiding citizens; we wouldn’t dream of hurting someone, yet these right-wing nutjobs now demand we all be held accountable for the action of one arsehole who happens to be called Adrian.

“Sure, there are a few Adrians out there who are dicks, but that doesn’t mean we all are. I’ve also never made England matches on ITV painfully unwatchable, for example.”