Rising inflation due to Brexit means there could eventually be £400 million a week for NHS

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Projections have shown that that should inflation continue to increase at current rates, by the time we actually leave the EU the £350 million a week for the NHS could actually be nearer £400 million.

These new projections follow yesterday’s announcement that inflation is currently running at 2.3%, the highest since 2012.

“Some sad remoaners have tried to spin these projected increases in inflation as a negative,” said leading Brexit supporter and believer in leprechauns Simon Williams.

“But in reality, inflation just means that you have to have more money for things, so if I want to buy a loaf of bread and it costs a pound today, if it costs five pounds by Christmas due to inflation then that must mean I’ll have five times as much money to be able to pay for it.

“Five times as much money! That is definitely a brilliant side-effect of Brexit.

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“It’s a bit of a shame that when we wrote our imaginary big number on the side of a bus that convinced idiots for vote for Brexit, we didn’t think to adjust it for inflation as we might have convinced even more idiots to vote for Brexit.

“Though thanks to inflation our 52% share of the vote is now 57%. Yes, that’s how well I understand the financial impact of Brexit.”

There has been no response from financial experts to the claims, as financial experts have long since given up trying to explain even the most rudimentary financial concepts to Brexit supporters claiming it’s akin to ‘explaining how to fly a plane to a houseplant’.

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