MPs accuse CBeebies of pro-EU propaganda

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Dozens of furious MPs have accused BBC children’s television network CBeebies of anti-Brexit bias in its coverage.

It is understood 70 MPs wrote to Andy and Cerrie lambasting the channel’s “blatant pro-EU propaganda” and asking if Mr Tumble could say happy birthday to Jacob Rees-Mogg.

According to reports, the signatories included former Cabinet ministers Patriot Pete, Tom the Tory and Brexit Bill.

The letter, which was put together by the Conservative MP Backbench Bob, said that CBeebies had suffered a “collective temper tantrum” over the referendum.

“If I was to point out that the EU is wrapping us up in red tape, no doubt Mister Maker would also cover us in PVA glue, sprinkle us with glitter and stick us on the fridge,” he complained.

CBeebies have dismissed the accusation and insisted that its coverage is always balanced.

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“We always present both sides of the debate,” said a spokesperson.

“For example, later on we’ve got Michael Gove reading a bedtime story called Boris and the Magic Bus.”