Britain to seek post-Brexit trade deal with Skull Island

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Conservative MPs are touting their strategy for new trade partners as part of post-Brexit “Global Britain” by encouraging business leaders and entrepreneurs to make deals with Skull Island.

Skull Island, home to the mighty Kong among other creepy beasties, has been identified by the team behind Brexit as a potentially lucrative new trading partner.

A spokesman for Theresa May said, “Britain must be more adventurous in seeking out new business partners and opportunities. 

Skull Island must be in need of arms, which could also have the added benefit of stabilising the region. Just look how well we’ve done selling weapons to Saudi Arabia.”

Boris Johnson is being lined up to lead the trade mission to the Island. 

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He told reporters, “Empire 2.0 is a go! It’s important that we get there first before the Chinese. I look forward to discussing the failings of the EU with this Kong chap.”

Rumours that 10 Downing Street would like the foppish foreign secretary to be violently eaten by Skull Island inhabitants remain unsubstantiated at this time.

Brexit voter, Simon William said this announcement made him even more delighted with the referendum outcome. 

He told us, “I knew this would lead to big things, but being the first to negotiate a trade deal with King Kong? It doesn’t get much bigger than that!”