Theresa May to trigger Article 50 by mocking something it cares about

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Theresa May has announced plans to trigger Article 50 next Wednesday by making jokes aimed at something it cares about.

The prime minister told reporters that she plans to begin the formal process of leaving the EU on the 29th March, just as soon as she learns how to trigger something.

Internet user Simon Williams told us, “It’s easy, I can show her if she likes?

“If you want to trigger someone, all you need to do is take the piss out of something they think is important.

“I don’t see how it would be different just because its Article 50 and not a Brexiter being laughed at on a Facebook page. I guarantee it will work.”

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May plans to spend the week working on material to mock Article 50, after her initial attempt was met with stony silence.

A Whitehall insider told us, “Back in Feb she said was planning to trigger Article 50 by saying it’s nowhere near as important as Article 10. Her roast game is weak, to say the least.

“She’s hired some writers and we expect some pretty barbed one-liners in time for next week’s triggering. It’ll be good to have one last chuckle before society crumbles around us.”

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