Sean Spicer delivers White House press briefing wearing tinfoil hat

author avatar by 7 years ago

In an escalation of the conspiracy theories delivered by the Trump White House, press secretary Sean Spicer briefed the press today wearing a hat made of tinfoil.

Spicer appeared in front of the press in the tinfoil hat before reading directly from his phone a story he had read on InfoWars about chemtrails being mind-control drugs distributed by George Soros to turn everyone into a liberal cuck.

“They are all trying to get you, and the only way to protect yourself is a tinfoil hat,” he explained, before berating the failing NY Times for failing to cover the dangers on their front page.

However, midway through the briefing, a note was passed to him by a senior staffer, at which point he read it quietly before explaining to those gathered, “There is no tinfoil helmet, that is just fake news.

“There never was a tinfoil helmet, and we were just quoting an expert on these matters.

“However, the news about the British intelligence spying on Trump for Obama, that is the real news here.  The real news that has come from one unverified quote given to Fox News.

“You should all know by now, that’s all the evidence you’ll ever need.”