Nigel Farage to read a bedtime story on CBeebies

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Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage is set to follow in the footsteps of Tom Hardy and read a bedtime story on CBeebies.

The politician, who is best known for his failed attempts to become an MP, will show his softer side by reading an extract from Margaret Thatcher’s autobiography ‘The Downing Street Years’ on 1 April.

Farage, who recently celebrated his 500th appearance on Question Time, said he was “looking forward” to making his debut on children’s television.

“It’s going to be great! When I visited President Trump, I told him a bedtime story every night. I used to make up the silliest tales about attacks in Sweden, voter fraud and wiretapping. He loved them.”

Already popular with under-5s, Farage’s appearance on CBeebies is expected to boost its viewership in the coveted ‘casual racist’ demographic.

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However, not everyone is happy with Farage appearing on the UK’s flagship children’s channel.

Simon Williams, a dad from Romford, said, “With his crooked teeth, yellow eyes and scaly skin he looks like a diseased Gruffalo. My son, Simon Jnr is terrified of him.

“I just hope that the BBC use some common sense and broadcast Nigel’s story after the watershed, once the kids are in bed.”

In response, Farage warned that there could be “civil unrest” if he wasn’t allowed on CBeebies and dismissed his critics as “crybabies and bedwetters”.