It’s not immigrants taking all the jobs, it’s George Osborne, claim unemployed

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The UK’s unemployed have voiced their frustration at the current lack of opportunities caused by George Osborne taking all the jobs.

The former chancellor is currently employed as MP for Tatton, editor of the London Evening Standard, speaker at the Washington Speaker’s Bureau, chairman of the Northern Powerhouse Partnership, advisor to Blackrock and fellow at American think tank the McCain Institute.

Employment analyst Simon Williams revealed that George Osborne applying for every job vacancy has made it increasingly difficult for the unemployed to find work.

“The government has previously claimed that the UK economy has created more jobs than the rest of the EU put together,” he said.

“However, figures show most of the vacancies have been filled by George Osborne.

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“Given the huge profit he made on a house that was part-funded by the taxpayer, you could also argue that he’s on his way to claiming all the benefits too.”

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