Kellyanne Conway heads to SXSW with Indie movie filmed entirely on her microwave

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White House Counselor to the President, Kellyanne Conway, is heading to the SXSW Film Festival to promote her Indy movie debut, filmed entirely by her microwave.

It comes just a day after she began the viral marketing campaign for the film by claiming that microwaves can be turned into cameras to surveil you, at the behest of the security services.

She told reporters outside the screening, “I’ve been carrying my microwave around for months, pointing it at anything interesting, and I’m sure it’s captured some amazing moments.

“No, I’ve not actually seen the film, I think of it more like an ‘experimental’ piece – I intend to plug it in, and we all get to see the premier together.

“I’m not sure where the HDMI port is, but I’m hoping onsite technical support will figure that bit out.”

Despite not yet seeing the movie, critics have hailed it claiming it is likely to be the most coherent thing to come out of the White House since Donald Trump’s inauguration.