Huge snowstorm to hit US is ‘Obama’s fault’ insists Donald Trump

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US President Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to accuse his predecessor Barack Obama of creating a huge snowstorm – Storm Stella – that is due to hit the northeast of the country later.

The President tweeted – ‘Just found out that Obama used his Muslim magic to create giant snowstorm. Sick. (And sad!!!)’ – at 3.05am.

The snowstorm could see some areas hit with 18 inches of snow and authorities are urging the public to not be homeless or poor for the duration of the storm.

White House press spokesman Sean Spicer clarified the President’s remarks.

“Obviously, the President wasn’t literally accusing Mr Obama of creating the snowstorm when he literally accused Mr Obama of creating the snowstorm.

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“He was merely stating that owing to the conditions in which Mr Obama left the White House, i.e. winter – a snow storm was likely.”

On the specific use of the words ‘Muslim magic’, Mr Spicer claimed that was a simple spelling mistake.

“I understand that the President meant to type ‘massive magnets,’ which was clearly a metaphor for ‘normal weather’.”

It is understood that the White House is looking into setting up a system of automated press releases that each morning could simply issue a statement saying ‘That’s not what he meant’.