Tuesday 14 March 2017

Brexiter delighted with lack of parliamentary sovereignty when decision is one he agrees with

Brexiter delighted

Parliamentary sovereignty is only important when it is being used to stop things we personally disagree with, according to Brexiters this morning.

After parliament was denied a meaningful vote on the terms of the EU divorce deal, Brexit voter Simon Williams said it was “a good job an’all”.

He went on, “I didn’t vote to leave the EU and bring back parliamentary sovereignty just so that parliament could go around being sovereign and doing things I don’t like.

“Parliamentary sovereignty is about doing what I want, when I want. Because I won and you lost, obviously.

“I don’t care how bad the eventual Brexit deal might be – it should be pushed through regardless of the negotiated terms because the people have SPOKEN.

“Any attempt to let parliament vote on the terms of the deal would be an abuse of the sovereignty I want them to have – unless they agree in advance to vote in agreement with me, obviously.”

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