Woman refusing to have sex while the bedding is ‘clean’

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A woman has explained there will be no intercourse in the bed while the bedding is still ‘fresh’.

With clean sheets having gone on during the day on Sunday, Sharon Williams explained to her partner that there will be no sex until the sheets are no longer considered ‘fresh’.

She told reporters, “No, there will not be any sex in the bed at the moment.

“I am also currently unwilling to put a firm timescale on the resumption of coitus, but I wouldn’t bother asking again before Tuesday, at the earliest.

“It’s not that I’m anti-sex – I’m just more in favour of getting my enjoyment by getting into a nice clean bed.”

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Williams’ partner Simon said he was disappointed at the ruling, considering his many, many compromise offers.

“I get it – she likes a clean bed. But as I’ve said all along, I’m perfectly happy doing it on the sofa, or to throw down an old towel over the clean sheets – I really don’t know what her problem is.”

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