BBC viewers never more than six hours away from Nigel Farage

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A Nigel Farage appearance on the BBC is never more than six hours away according to new research.

Nigel Farage’s opinion on everything has become an essential part of the BBC’s current affairs output, and experts in this sort of thing predict the former UKIP leader could soon become a permanent fixture.

“A channel dedicated to Nigel Farage is a very real possibility,” insisted Professor Simon Williams.

“Programmes such as Gavin & Stacey & Nigel, Snog Marry Nigel? and 12 Pints of Bitter and a Packet of Rothmans will be on around the clock ”

Despite affording him considerable coverage, the BBC have been heavily criticised by Farage and his supporters for ‘lefty bias’.

“There have been times when I’ve turned on Question Time and Nigel hasn’t been on,” fumed one UKIP councillor.

“I shouldn’t have to wait until This Week comes on immediately afterwards to hear him telling it like it is.

“It’s just another establishment stitch-up.”