Superhero film probably out this weekend

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Hollywood insiders are predicting that there will almost certainly be another superhero film out this weekend.

The film is expected to feature an unlikely character during an unsatisfactory stage in his life who, through a bizarre set of circumstances, finds himself imbued with the powers of something else; a stoat, perhaps, or some fungus.

After a disappointing first attempt to put his new powers to use, there will be a humorous interlude where the protagonist attempts to hide his new-found powers from a family member who will be played by a reasonably well-respected character actor whose pension is looking a little light; Annette Benning or Edward Norton.

He will then learn a valuable lesson.

After a middle bit that goes on too long but features a sexy lady, there will be a lot of special effects and a brief moment where it looks like the antagonist looks like he will beat the superhero before the superhero finally defeats the antagonist using the valuable lesson they learned earlier.

It is expected to get reasonably commendable reviews and spend a brief period at the top of the box-office charts.

It will be the first superhero film since the last superhero film which probably came out last weekend, got reasonably commendable reviews and spent a brief period at the top of the box-office charts.