Katie Hopkins now OFFICIALLY full of shit

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Katie Hopkins has been officially declared a lying twat, as opposed to being just colloquially referred to as such.

The face that Hitler would have wanked to was ordered to pay £24,000 in libel damages to blogger, Jack Monroe, after falsely claiming the blogger had defaced a war memorial.

“Full of shit,” beamed journalist, Simon Williams.

“We can print that now, isn’t it wonderful?

“She is officially a bullshitting, batshit crazy, agitatious pile of wank.

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“Actually we probably can’t print most of that, I’ll need to take another run at it, but the principle will remain.

“Lovely day anyway, and the best part is that she’s had to pay for it.”

Judge, Jay Cooper, said, “I normally muse long and hard over these libel cases.

“But the defendant in this case was Katie Hopkins, so it took me about four minutes and then I took a long lunch.”