International Misogynist’s Day ruined by women

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Once again, International Misogynist’s Day has been largely ruined by women from across the world overreacting to a harmless bit of misogyny.

International Misogynist’s Day has been celebrated on March 8th for some years now, but recently women have sought to disrupt proceedings by claiming that there is no need for a day devoted to misogyny as misogyny has become completely acceptable in recent years.

“This is typical women’s behaviour,” said Simon Williams, a leading misogynist on the Internet.

“Alright, fine. Perhaps in some conservative areas misogyny is now broadly accepted, but try going places like Brighton or Shoreditch and being a bit misogynist, you’ll get verbally abused. Honestly, I’ve seen it.

“We need this day to promote misogyny everywhere for all men.”

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Most worryingly, in recent years there seems to have been a concerted and organised effort by women to disrupt International Misogynist’s Day by creating a so-called ‘International Woman’s Day’.

“Frankly, it’s really starting to make me feel like I’m being oppressed,” said Mr Williams, movingly.

“I mean, it’s all over Facebook and social media, just these pro-women, anti-misogyny messages and pictures. As a misogynist, it makes me feel really uncomfortable. I don’t see how they’re allowed to pick on me like this in this day and age.”

Mr Williams said he has a suggestion for how society can combat the proliferation of anti-misogyny sentiment.

He explained, “There should be an International Men’s Day, that’ll definitely show them. We won’t get one though, the feminazis will see to that, I’m sure of it.”