Creepy old guy with crazy hair ruins children’s White House tour

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Children on a tour of the White House were left traumatised after a creepy old man with bizarre hair appeared seemingly from nowhere to harass them.

The children were all gazing wistfully at a painting of Hillary Clinton when the incident occurred.

“It was really scary,” said 10-year-old Jessie Williams Jnr from Birmingham, Alabama.

“We were all looking at the picture of Hillary Clinton and trying to understand what could possess the grownups not to have voted for her when this weird guy just started shouting at us.

“We all screamed. It was really scary. He just looked crazy. His clothes didn’t fit properly, and there was something wrong with his hair, and he was this really weird colour.”

The strange old man appears to have tried to pull one of the children away from the group.

“Yeah, he just grabbed Jed and tried to pull him away. Jed was freaked, but he managed to get away when the old man got distracted staring at, you know, at our teacher’s, you know, her private area.”

It is understood that the young boy was not physically harmed but is severely traumatised.

No one is really sure how the crazy old man got into the White House, and there appears to be confusion surrounding how to remove him.

But it seems clear that he has no business being there, and unless he is removed, many other children and adults could be left traumatised by his bizarre behaviour.