Nothing breaches our community standards except breastfeeding and trans people, confirms Facebook

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Facebook has confirmed that their community standards reporting mechanism is ‘largely decorative’ in a statement today.

Posted images of beheadings, Nazi imagery and sexualised children will not be removed, but a mother suckling her baby is ‘right out’ and will be taken down immediately.

Posting anything about someone who has changed sex is also against the rules and users risk being banned for infractions.

Facebook also told us they’d ‘have the law on you’ if you reported anything illegal, as that showed you’d definitely been looking at it.

“We’ve got to ensure our content matches what our users want to see,” we were told.

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“And what they want to see is ISIS videos, ranting nutjobs from both left and right explaining why people they don’t like should be killed, and semi-clad fourteen-year-olds.

“Of course we remove pictures of breastfeeding as standard. What sort of pervert wants to see that?”

When asked why breastfeeding images were removed as standard by his site, founder Mark Zuckerberg rubbed his thighs and giggled ‘Boobies!!!’.