Look at my lovely arse, says cat

author avatar by 7 years ago

A cat has decided to parade around with its tail up inviting you to check out its wonderful bum.

“Look at my arse,” 8-year-old Mister Snufflelumps told us.

“Go on, take a really good look, I’m here all day.

“Isn’t it great? Tell you what, I’ll just walk up onto your chest whilst you’re lying down and turn round so you can get a really good close look.

“Oh, yeah, baby. Yeah. Check this bad boy out.”

When told that nobody wanted to see it, Mr Snufflelumps appeared unconvinced.

“Maybe if I show it to you some more,” he said.

“Look, I’ll hoist my tail and then stretch forward right in front of you whilst you’re trying to write that email so you can see right up there. Right up.

“There you go. See? Wonderful. I’ll just keep doing this until you agree.”