Mike Pence’s AOL password was ‘password’

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US Vice President Mike Pence’s AOL email account was used for government business and was accessed by hackers even though he secured it by using the password ‘password’.

The revelation over his use of personal email for government business comes just months after he led calls to put Hillary Clinton in prison for doing the exact same thing.

Technology analyst Chuck Williams told us, “I was pretty sure his password would be something like ‘gaysar3bad’, but this is even worse.”

“On the bright side, dictionary publishers now have a fresh new definition for ‘hypocrite’.”

Republicans have leapt to the defence of the VP, explaining that this is very different to Hillary Clinton’s use of a vulnerable personal email service “because that was Hillary”.

“Using a private email service to send and receive important government information is different to when Hillary did it because that was Hillary doing it,” explained a White House spokesperson.

“Also, the fact that it was compromised by hackers is different to when Hillary’s email was potentially compromised because again, that was Hillary.

“Seriously, the fact that this was the Vice President using a private email service to conduct government business, and that was Hillary Clinton doing it, couldn’t make these cases any more different.”

Rumours continue that his new AOL password is ‘newpassword’.