Brexiters giving up phrase ‘you lost, get over it’ for Lent

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Brexiter Simon Williams has said he is giving up saying ‘You lost, get over it’ for the duration of Lent in recognition of the sacrifices made by Jesus in his favourite book.

Williams, whose daily proclamations that anyone who disagrees with him should ‘just suck it up and get over it’ are central to his personal happiness, told friends last night of his plan to give up doing it.

He explained his decision to us this morning, saying, “As a follower of Jesus, you’re supposed to give up something you enjoy for 40 days and nights, and nothing gives me greater pleasure than annoying snowflakes on the Internet – so I guess that’s what I’ll give up.

“The missus is doing chocolate, which is fair enough, but telling people they’re not allowed to disagree with me because they lost is way better than a bag of Minstrels. Liberal tears also have fewer calories, which is an added bonus.

“That’s how much of a good Christian I am, giving up something so dear to me for Lent – we can learn a lot from the Bible.

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“Except that stuff about having to help immigrants and refugees, or people in need, or the poor, or the sick and defenceless -all that stuff was added later by libtard cucks intent on ruining everything.

“Don’t they know that they los….sorry, don’t they know that they should consider changing their opinion to be the same as mine because I was victorious and they were not.

“See? This is going to be easy.”