Sir Philip Green strikes deal to keep knighthood for £363m

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Altruistic entrepreneur Sir Philip Green has agreed a deal to keep his knighthood by simply paying around £200m less than the BHS Pension Fund requires in order to sufficiently plug the gap.

The multi-billionaire, who models his looks on Tony Soprano, released a statement that tried to make him not look like a complete git in this situation, even though he originally offered over £100m less that what was finally agreed.

The agreement means Green keeps his title, in return for a promise of helping out when the monarch requires some crusading.

Green is now looking to sell off his knighthood to avoid having it stripped from him for any number of inevitable future controversies that are yet to be confirmed.

If no buyers are forthcoming, he is expected to transfer it to his wife.

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There is no truth in the rumour that Green was originally awarded his knighthood for services to corporate tax avoidance.