Everyone who believed the Brexit bus now insisting they never believed the Brexit bus

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In order to avoid looking like an idiot, every voter who believed the Brexit bus is today insisting they never thought it was literally true, according to new research.

Voter Simon Williams, whose facebook page was full of claims in June that the EU money could go to the NHS to give it the funding it needs, has insisted it was only a series of possibilities.

He told us, “The word ‘Let’s’ is just a suggestion – not a literal promise of something that will definitely happen.

“It’s like when I say to the kids ‘let’s go to Disneyland’, they obviously realise I’m probably talking about a weekend in Bognor.

“Luckily my kids aren’t idiots like the libtard snowflake cucks who are trying to stop Brexit.”

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“I knew full well that the NHS wouldn’t get any more money and would, in fact, be the subject of further funding cuts within a year of the EU referendum. Yes I did, shut up.”

Lead researcher Mark Jameson told us, “We’ve searched millions of social media posts and we can categorically state that that vast majority of people who now say they didn’t believe the Brexit bus, definitely spoke out about the NHS getting the money we gave to the EU.

“So I would say to those voters, just in case you’re wondering, you’re not kidding anyone.”

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