Donald Trump invites Nigel Farage to dinner to ensure that a foreigner picks up the bill

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Donald Trump is understood to have invited the former UKIP leader to join him for dinner at the Trump International Hotel because someone has to pay the bill and it’s not going to be an American, that’s for damn sure.

Nigel Farage was reportedly more than happy to oblige and leapt at the opportunity to rub shoulders and possibly other body parts with the most powerful man on the planet, and to secure his position as the bloated amber dictator’s premier little admirer.

Speaking to reporters the morning after the meal the guffawing bigot said, “Well well, guess who merited an invite to a meal at the table with the President of America? Not bad for a so-called ‘racist’ former UKIP leader, eh?

“We discussed a number of very important issues. Well, they discussed them, and I listened. But I did help pass round the salt and drinks, so that counts. It definitely counts.

“And I slagged off the BBC and CNN for being the losers that they are, which seemed to go down quite well.”

Donald Trump added, “This Farage guy, such a great guy – lots of people are saying it. Always happy to pay the bill. You listening, Mexico?”