Donald Trump insists La La Land won Best Picture Oscar if you ignore the millions of illegal votes

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President Trump has taken to Twitter to criticise the Oscars, insisting La La Land would have won Best iPcture if it hadn’t have been for millions of illegal votes.

“Crooked Oscars stealing the award from La La Land. SAD!” tweeted the man who probably should have been doing something more important.

A White House spokesperson went on to clarify that millions of ‘illegals’ had voted for Moonlight according to some guy on Twitter, and therefore it is the rightful winner of the Oscar.

They told reporters, “Within minutes of the result, Greg Phillips claims to have found more than three million votes for Moonlight cast by non-citizens.

“What this shows is that the liberal establishment elite will do anything to stop struggling hard-working white American actors succeeding in favour of minorities.

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“You can rest assured that the President will do all he can to ensure the success of things he likes in future.”

When asked about the other categories, the spokesperson added that the President thought that Ben Affleck was ‘robbed’ of an Oscar for his portrayal of Batman.