Jay-Z down to 98 problems after fixing the wi-fi

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International megastar Jay-Z has sorted out the problems with his wi-fi and in doing so reduced the number of problems that plague him from 99 to 98.

According to reports the wi-fi signal was fine in the living room near the router, but in other rooms throughout his mansion it would be prone to regular drop-outs and weak signals.

“I’m just glad I’ve finally got that problem sorted, yo,” said a clearly relieved Mr Z.

“You know, I got Bey all pregnant and she spends a lot of time in the bathroom and she’d be constantly screaming ‘Jay, I can’t play my game’ – she loves to play Candy Crush if she’s in the bathroom for a time – ‘Fix the damn wi-fi.’ Man, shit was getting crazy.”

It was clear that of Mr Z’s 99 problems, the wi-fi had become the top priority.

“So I just googled it,” he said.

“The wi-fi was set to a channel that some of the neighbours were using, and there was interference like a mother**ker. I just changed it and it works great now.”

He has his suspicions as to the cause of the wi-fi problems.

“Yeah, we had Kanye to stay and I think he messed with it so that his Nintendo would work. Ever since then, it ain’t been right.


However, regardless of the cause, right now Jay-Z is a happy man, because he may have 98 problems, but the wi-fi ain’t one.