Donald Trump pretty sure he’s signed an Executive Order banning Transformers

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Donald Trump has signed an Executive Order which he believes will put an end to the politically correct policies of lefty do-gooder Optimus Prime.

At a hastily-convened press conference, Trump was told by a reporter that he had actually revoked an Obama policy allowing trans people to use bathrooms appropriate to their gender identity, to which he replied, “False. That is fake news. Totally fake.”

The President continued, “I promised the American people I would put a stop to robots in disguise, and that is what we’re doing.

“A robot is a robot, whether it’s pretending to be a car, a phone or a helicopter – and it should be treated like a robot.

“Just because a robot claims to be a truck or a van, doesn’t mean they get to use the petrol station like the rest of the vehicles.

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Trump ended the press conference by introducing his new director of homeland security, Megatron.