Most Brits would struggle to name 10 fruit and veg, let alone eat them, finds study

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After researchers claimed that ten portions of fruit and vegetables a day may give us longer lives, a separate study has indicated that most Britons would struggle to name that many.

Fruit and vegetable scientists surveyed shoppers as they walked down the fruit and vegetable aisle on their way to the microwave ready meals.

Dr Simon Williams, one of the researchers, said, “When asked to name ten fruit and vegetables, one of the participants said, ‘nine carrots and an apple’.

“Another insisted that celeriac was a fictional detective from Jersey.”

Dr Williams said that many people questioned in the study weren’t really interested in the benefits associated with healthy eating.

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“For people under sixty, the prospect of enjoying a healthy retirement became less appealing once they realised that they’ll probably still be working into their eighties.”

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