‘Cheryl and I are happy to announce we’re pregnant’ claims proud father-to-be Paul Nuttall

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UKIP leader Paul Nuttall has confirmed that he is the father of Cheryl’s unborn child, sending shockwaves through celebrity gossip and political circles alike.

The news has stunned tabloid journalists who had incorrectly assumed the child belonged to Cheryl’s boyfriend Liam Payne.

Cheryl proudly revealed her bump as part of an advertising campaign for the Prince’s Trust and L’Oreal Paris, finally confirming tabloid rumours that she is expecting.

Paul Nuttall told reporters, “Now look, I’m not one to kiss and tell, but yes, I did the kissing and now I’m telling you that I am the father of Cheryl’s baby.

“I definitely wouldn’t tell you about my private life, but let me explain exactly how it happened. I was thinking about all the friends I lost at Hillsborough one night, and Cheryl happened to be walking past my hotel room. She saw I was upset, came in to comfort me, and well, one thing led to another. Next thing I know we’re expecting, and I’m delighted.

“Feel a bit bad for that Liam chap, though. Still, he’s young and he’ll get over it after I’ve married Cheryl. Which will definitely be the next thing to happen.

Cheryl responded by saying, “I don’t even know who this Paul Nutter guy is. Is he the UKIP leader with a German wife and a French mistress, or is that some other git?”