Wayne Shaw to replace Claudio Bravo at Manchester City

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Manchester City are understood to be scouting the pie-scoffing Sutton keeper as an attractive alternative to Claudio Bravo.

Bravo, who let in six goals in January, is understood to be less interesting to City than Shaw, who is currently between contracts.

Fans are already changing their social media profile pictures to a pie in support of Shaw, who they believe was unfairly let go from his previous club.

Shaw is also believed to have a better chance of making it to the bench without injuring himself than Raheem Sterling, so long as it’s not too far to walk.

“Shaw is a big lad and let’s face it even if he just stands there, there’s a better chance of the ball just bouncing off him than Claudio,” said a Man City insider.

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“Claudio does all that fancy jumping around stuff, but at the end of the day, we reckon Shaw would save more goals by merit of sheer volume in the goalmouth.

“And given that Claudio always jumps the wrong way, I think we can be sure there’s no chance of Wayne doing that. Or indeed jumping anywhere.”

However, the FA have indicated that Shaw may not be allowed to take a role at City as they’re hopeful he’ll become England Manager when the inevitable catches up with Gareth Southgate.