House of Lords to take lead from ‘the people’ in Brexit debate and be wilfully ignorant and a bit racist

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The House of Lords is to give it’s verdict on the Brexit bill today, and has been warned to respect the will of the people and, like them, base it’s decision on wilful ignorance and thinly veiled racism.

The Lords began their debate yesterday with the Prime Minister taking the unusual step of watching the opening speeches in case she needed to place a satanic curse on anyone who displeased her.

“It does seem a shame,” said Labour Peer Simon Williams.

“The House of Lords has lifetimes of experience in all walks of life, so I do rather think we could bring a little more nuance to the debate than willful ignorance and racism.

“I personally thought I might use my background in creating a multi-million dollar worldwide business to illustrate the dangers of poorly considered and rushed trade deals – but I have been warned to steer clear of rationality and facts.

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“So I suppose I’ll just say something silly and meaningless like ‘Brexit means Brexit’ and ‘let’s all make Britain Great again’.

“I’ll probably leave the racism to some of the Tory peers.”

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