Court of Appeal delivers yet another blow to white middle-class London-based heterosexual couples

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A London couple has been told they are not allowed to enter into a civil partnership in what white middle-class London-based heterosexual couples are calling ‘another example of the disgraceful prejudicial treatment we encounter on a daily basis’.

Simon Williams, a close friend of the couple, said, “It’s just one thing after another for them really.

“They have fought against oppression and discrimination their whole life – you really do have to admire their strength and courage.

“They were both bullied at school because their holiday home was so small, then they had the indignity of not owning their own skis at University, and now this.”

After the ruling, the couple told friends that being denied civil partnership status was ‘just another indication of the struggle that lay ahead’.

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“I know these guys, and I can tell you they will not rest until the fundamental rights of white middle-class London-based couples are recognised.

Williams concluded, “No matter how high society build its barriers, no matter how far it takes their rights away, no matter how much money they need to borrow off their parents to get on the property ladder. They will not rest until this injustice is rectified.”