Couple call off engagement after disappointing response to Facebook announcement

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A local couple has postponed plans to get married after a Facebook post announcing their engagement received only 92 likes.

Friends of the pair have today confirmed the separation was prompted by the poor performance of the Facebook post.

One source told us, “It’s heartbreaking. They were such a good couple but those statistics really do speak for themselves.

“You want to aim for 250 likes as a minimum for big news like an engagement. Just to put their 92 into context, I got more than 70 for yesterday’s breakfast.

“I don’t think it’s any surprise they were forced to admit any marriage was doomed to fail with a lack of social acceptance like that.

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“It doesn’t matter what sort of plans for the future that you’ve made, if you can’t break 100 then you have to admit defeat and move on.”

The couple were said to have been traumatised and confused by the poor performance of the post.

“They couldn’t understand it,” our source confirmed.

“They genuinley thought they did everything right. The photo they shared with the announcement was taken on a beach in Thailand, the lighting was good and you could see the words ‘she said yes’ written in the sand.

“You could also see the ring on her finger clearly, and she was even making that exaggerated shocked expression with her mouth that women do in these photos. It literally ticked all the boxes.”

The couple this morning confirmed their intention to split on their wedding blog, citing ‘irreconcilable indifference’ amongst their friends.

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