Monday 20 February 2017 by Spacey

Fox News confirmed as US Director of National Intelligence

Donald Trump National Security Director will be Fox News

After being cited by Donald Trump as the source for his claim of a terror attack in Sweden, Fox News have been confirmed as Director of National Intelligence.

The Murdoch-owned channel, who are currently providing the president with his daily briefing, will also direct and oversee the National Intelligence Program.

President Trump, who still hasn’t learned to link his tweets, made the announcement via Twitter earlier this morning:

“Congratulations to our new Director of National Intelligence @FoxNews. They will do an OUTSTANDING job in helping me…..

“….keep the GREAT American people safe from the DISHONEST MEDIA who want to cause me ENORMOUS harm…..

“…..and report FAKE NEWS about my presidency. VERY DISHONEST! The FAILING @nytimes, @NBCNEWS, @ABC, @CBS, @CNN….

“…@MSNBC, @espn, @HBO, @MDMA, @CBBC, @CBeebiesHQ, @nickjr, @QVC, @DisneyChannel, @ChallengeTV, @TLC….

“…..@TOTPofficial, @XXXMums, @Movies4men1 and @TinyPopTV aren’t my enemies, they are the enemies of the American people…..

“……SO SAD!”

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