Bookmakers shorten odds on Sokovia being location of Trump’s next fictional terrorist attack

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The fictional state of Sokovia from the Marvel Cinematic Universe is now the bookies favourite for the location of Donald Trump’s next fictional terrorist attack.

With Sweden joining Bowling Green Kentucky as the location for a made-up terrorist attack claimed by the White House, experts predict an escalation in the tactic.

Dr Terrence Matthews told us, “As with any case of pseudologia fantastica, he’s likely going to increase the severity of his delusions.

“I predict he will move on from fictional attacks in real places, to made up attacks in places that don’t even exist.”

Bookmakers have reacted by making Sokovia the favourite for the location of the next Trump attack, followed closely by Narnia and Arandelle.

Simon Williams of bookmaker Billy Slope told us, “We’ve made Sokovia 3-1 favourite because apparently the President watched The Avengers: Age of Ultron on Air Force One at the weekend, so we’d expect to see claims of ‘terrible things being done by ISIS’ flying robots’ any day now.

“He’s probably in the Situation Room at this moment demanding to see Tony Stark and Captain America.”

In other news, White House sources say incoming Energy Secretary Rick Perry has pleaded with staff to remove The Day After Tomorrow from the President’s Netflix playlist.

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