Dutch Moroccans take to hiding in Anne Frank’s house

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A family of Dutch Moroccans have concealed themselves in Anne Frank’s old house to escape the leathery jackboot of right-wing populism.

The Frikeche family sought refuge in the Prinsengracht des-res after being branded ‘scum’ by Freedom Party cock-end Geert Wilders.

With just months left before Wilders seizes power on a tidal wave of Aryan supremacy, the Frikeches are surviving on food smuggled in by the queues of American tourists.

Meanwhile, twelve-year-old Anisa Frikeche has begun writing a poignant diary just in case.

Anisa wrote, “My father’s a bastard, and I think I fancy my cousin, but this is better than being deported to a death camp in Luxembourg and dying of typhus.”

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She added, “Heard a noise downstairs last night, but it was just some Japanese guy with a camera.”

Anisa’s father Othmane said, “In the event that we are discovered – which is pretty likely given that this is a museum and not a safe-house – I’ll probably do Blue Peter.

“There is a real danger history could repeat itself, except with different presenters.”