Controversial character ‘Zac Snyder’ a terrible mistake, admits DC Comics

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The controversial  ‘Zac Snyder’ character was a bigger mistake than Scrappy-Doo will be killed off in a future edition of the Batman comic, DC have confirmed.

Snyder was introduced to the franchise in an attempt to shake the DC Universe up with an annoying, bratty sidekick who appeared to be on a constant sugar rush, but executives now realise they learned nothing from the same mistake with the Mystery Gang in the 1980s.

Top figures at DC considered a phone poll on whether to kill Snyder off, but they did that with Robin thirty years ago and thought the risk someone might rig the poll to keep Snyder alive was too great.

“The warning signals were there from the start”, we were told.

“When we asked Zac if he’d like to take control of some of the most beloved names in pop culture he just shouted ‘Lemme at ’em! Lemme at ’em!’ and started waving around his puny little fists.

“We thought that bringing in a hyperactive kid suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder would be really popular with the fans, but they have come to recognise Snyder for only two of his many qualities; specifically incoherent editing and adding that weird shade of blue to every explosion.

“Fortunately, we think we can have him beaten with a crowbar by the Joker before fans notice his inability to complete a script before starting filming.”

With the departure of Snyder, DC Comics hope to recover the franchise by introducing a new director who they’re sure will be a big hit with audiences.

“I know Jar-Jar- Binks hasn’t done much recently, but we’re sure his addition to the series is what they really want.”