New curtains mean A-ha can finally stop sun always shining on TV

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Pop group A-ha have revealed that a new pair of curtains in their living room have been a boon when it comes to watching television with bright sunshine outdoors.

Since the mid-eighties, the moody Scandinavians have struggled with the sun always shining on their TV.

“It was always at it’s worse when Countdown was on,” said handsome frontman Morten Harket.

“We love Countdown. It’s a chance for us to sit down together as a band and enjoy some good, stimulating entertainment before heading out in the evening to our swanky popstar parties.”

However, the pop hunks were left more than a little ‘touchy’ whenever the weather was clement as the sun would stream through the window onto the TV rendering it difficult to make out what letters had been selected and ruining their enjoyment of the quiz.

“We were at our wits’ end,” continued Mr Harket.

Happily, local curtain magnate Erica Shoveller heard of their plight and resolved to help out.

“It seemed ever such a shame that such a handsome pop group couldn’t enjoy Countdown like the rest of us, so I popped round and explained that putting curtains in the window might help prevent light coming through the window.

“I also explained how most people don’t have to wear sunglasses inside the house, and that this might be the source of their issues.

“Well, they loved the idea and bought some curtains there and then.”

Now the sultry Norwegians are able to enjoy Countdown whatever the weather, and the only thing they need to be careful of is losing the remote control or they could find themselves ‘hunting high and low’ to find it again.