Melania Trump to give it another month before unpacking

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US First Lady Melania Trump is to hold off on unpacking the Trump family belongings in the White House for at least another month or so ‘just in case.’

The Trump family moved into the White House almost a month ago, but with the exceptions of a few essentials like a vat of unconvincing fake tan and several sets of tiny gloves, everything is still stacked up in boxes in the spare room.

“I just don’t want to unpack everything and get everything how I like it and then have to pack it all up again if we have to leave for some unforeseen reason,” said Mrs Trump after she’d cleared up the paper plates used to serve a dinner of takeout from a local Chinese restaurant.

“I was all set to start unpacking everything last weekend, but then the whole Michael Flynn thing happened, and I wasn’t sure what was coming next so I thought perhaps I’d wait just another month or so – just in case.”

However, the First Lady was reluctant to let the current domestic state of affairs continue indefinitely.

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“Well, we want to have all the good plates if we’re still here when the President of Russia makes his first State visit.

“After all, you want to make a good impression on your husband’s boss.”