“If anyone knows about misleading a nation into a dangerous course of action, it’s me” explains Tony Blair

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Tony Blair has spoken out about Brexit, explaining that if anyone should know about the consequences of misleading the voting public over a course of action that would be both costly and unnecessary, it’s him.

Blair said it was time to rise up against Brexit, seemingly unaware that people rising up against the war in Iraq made literally fuck all difference to those in charge at the time.

He told reporters, “The Brexit campaign was predicated on lies and mistruths, something I obviously know a thing or two about.

“The Leave campaign made claims that will become demonstrably false over time, and people will be increasingly cross with the people who made those claims. That is my opinion as an expert in these matters.

“They might not have had a ‘dodgy dossier’, buy they did have the Brexit bus. Potayto potarto.”

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Blair went on to encourage people to continue to speak out against Brexit, insisting that the government will definitely be listening.

He concluded, “One word of advice – If you’re going to organise a mass protest against Brexit, you might want to gather more than a million people when you do so. I say that because a million people in Hyde Park is actually quite easy to ignore.”